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Spring Airlines considers selling standing-room tickets

2009-06-26 15:25 BJT


If you think legroom is not enough, then think whether "standing-room" might be for you. China's first private airline is considering selling standing-room tickets. The firm says it could submit the revolutionary idea for aviation regulator for approval within the year.

China's Spring Airlines says it first initiated the standing ticket concept in the beginning of this year.
China's Spring Airlines says it first initiated the standing 
ticket concept in the beginning of this year.

China's Spring Airlines says it first initiated the standing ticket concept in the beginning of this year. The carrier only has 13 planes, which are not capable of coping with the surging passenger volume and new flight routes.

Zhang Wuan, Spring Airlines said "The process of plane making is really long. We already ordered 14 new jets. But some of them will only be delivered next year. And you have to wait for at least 5 years to lease a plane, and it is also very expensive."

The upright seating jet could accommodate 40 percent more passengers, compared with traditional plane. It could also help airlines cut 20 percent costs, while lowering airfares for consumers.

Zhang Wuan, Spring Airlines said "It's just like bar stools. The the safety belt is the the most important thing. It will still be fastened around the waist."

Airbus has been quitely pitching the standing-room-only seating option to Asian carriers for a few years. The Chinese aviation regulator requires that passengers are secured to their seats for take-off and landing.

Some industry insiders believe the standing seat configuration still needs further regulatory examination before becomes a reality.

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