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World Expo promoted in Africa

2009-06-09 09:47 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |

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Organizers of the Shanghai World Expo have forged some strong bonds in South Africa. They met organizers of South Africa's 2010 World Cup in Cape Town for what turned out to be a cross-promotional event. 
Organizers of the Shanghai World Expo have forged some strong
bonds in South Africa. They met organizers of South Africa's
2010 World Cup in Cape Town for what turned out to be a 
cross-promotional event.

Organizers of the Shanghai World Expo have forged some strong bonds in South Africa. They met organizers of South Africa's 2010 World Cup in Cape Town for what turned out to be a cross-promotional event. They discussed both the Expo and next year's World Cup.

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