05-06-2009 08:45

Twelve of China's provinces so far have eliminated tolls on second-tier roads, according to the Ministry of Transportation.

Twelve of China's provinces so far have eliminated tolls on second-tier roads, according to the Ministry of Transportation. 
Twelve of China's provinces so far have eliminated tolls on
second-tier roads, according to the Ministry of Transportation.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Transportation said over 1200 toll charge stations have been suspended, accounting for 65-percent of the nation's total, and spanning 70-thousand kilometers of road.

He Jianzhong, Spokesman of Ministry of Transportation said "Five provinces in the first batch and seven provinces in the second batch have scrapped tolls on second-tier roads. This is a big achievement. Except for Guangdong, Shanxi, and Zhejiang, all provinces in central and eastern China have scrapped tolls. "

The spokesman later added that those three provinces will eventually follow the trend.