04-06-2009 11:41

Leading baby talcum powder brand, NUK, has been pulled off the shelves in China after claims it contains asbestos. China's quality supervisor has started an investigation into the German brand of talc.

Leading baby talcum powder brand, NUK, has been pulled off the shelves in China after claims it contains asbestos. 
Leading baby talcum powder brand, NUK, has been pulled off
the shelves in China after claims it contains asbestos.

South Korean authorities tested 30 baby powders and found 12 types contained the carcinogen asbestos, including NUK's product. Suzhou Debao Baby Supplies, NUK's major agent in China, imported over eleven tons of semi-finished baby powder from South Korea in the twelve months from March last year.

Debao then had the product finished and labeled it as the NUK brand for sale in China. Chinese quality authorities have sealed up all NUK baby powder stored by Debao as part of its investigations.

Leading baby talcum powder brand, NUK, has been pulled off the shelves in China after claims it contains asbestos. 
Leading baby talcum powder brand, NUK, has been pulled off the 
shelves in China after claims it contains asbestos.


Editor:Zheng Limin