03-23-2009 13:47

Special Report:   Global Financial Crisis

Chinese government has been prepared with new round of stimulus plan to deal with more economic difficulties, according to an expert from the Ministry of Finance.

Jia Kang, the director of the Science Research Institute under the ministry 
Jia Kang, the director of the Science Research
Institute under the ministry

The director of the Science Research Institute under the ministry Jia Kang said whether the new stimulus package will be launched will depend on the second quarter's economic data. Jia pointed out that if the 4 trillion yuan stimulus package does not bring obvious effect in the second quarter, the government may launched a new round of measures.

He believe China has the abilility of another round of stimulation. He suggests future investment should focus on water reserviour and agriculture irrigation construction, or projects in large airplane development, biology technology and gas field exploration.

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Editor:Xiong Qu