12-30-2008 10:51

Special Report:   Global Financial Crisis

The global financial crisis and China's slowing economic growth has affected young people looking for jobs. While many college students worry about their future, some are going into business for themselves.

These college students are winners of the 2008 Nokia Young Entrepreneur Competition. Their business plans were selected among more than 140 which were recommended by around 40 universities in China. Huang Jian is one of the six gold winners. He was awarded 50,000 yuan to help his business.

Huang Jian, Gold Winner of Zhejiang University 
Huang Jian, Gold Winner of Zhejiang University 

Huang Jian, Gold Winner of Zhejiang University said "We provide marketing services to companies, helping them sell products in universities. Our services include survey, advertising. We have earned about 200,000 yuan this year."

The competition is a part of the Nokia Young Entrepreneur Education Plan, which also launched seminars in colleges nationwide to guide students in starting their businesses. In the Minzu University of China, a group of students and their teacher are discussing their new products. They are members of a entrepreneur club, where they can take business courses and share experiences.

Cui Guolei, one student said "We've created a magazine for college students, the content covers all aspects of student's life. By doing so, we can improve our capabilities at starting a businesses, it's a good practice."

Their tutor, Zhou Qihong is a teacher in the university, as well as a career trainer registered with the International Labor Organization. He has launched special classes to help students eager to become their own boss.

Zhou Qihong, Teacher & Career Planner of Minzu University of China said "Amid the current global economic downturn, I suggest college students adjust their traditional thoughts, and try to start their own businesses, because every road leads to Rome."