11-30-2008 14:28

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation has signed a deal with China State Construction Engineering Corporation to build Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Jiangmen city, in Guangdong province.

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation has signed a deal with China State Construction Engineering Corporation to build Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in Jiangmen city, in Guangdong province.
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation has signed a deal with 
China State Construction Engineering Corporation to build Taishan
Nuclear Power Plant in Jiangmen city, in Guangdong province.

This new facility, when complete, will take its place as the nuclear plant with the biggest production capacity in the world.

Technology used has been drawn from third generation technology employed in Europe. So far, only Finland and France have been able to launch similar projects.

Construction will start January next year and is expected to be finished in May 2012. By which point, production is expected to relieve severe pressure for power in the Pearl River Delta region.