09-10-2008 13:59

Special Report:   2008 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

The Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday, is coming in a couple of days. And sales of the traditional mooncake have begun picking up. But luxury mooncakes, which have been a staple at previous festivals, have disappeared from the market.

 sales of the traditional mooncake have begun picking up. But luxury mooncakes, which have been a staple at previous festivals, have disappeared from the market.
Sales of the traditional mooncake have begun picking up. 
But luxury mooncakes, which have been a staple at previous 
festivals, have disappeared from the market.

At this Beijing store, mooncake sale displays were up two weeks ago. And the counters have been crowded with customers.

Yu Ping, Store Director, said, "We have seen sales of 300 to 400-thousand yuan a day. This year's sales volume is expected to exceed last year's."

Various kinds of mooncakes are on offer, like those with traditional Beijing, Guangdong and Suzhou flavors. But different from previous years, expensive mooncakes, ones that cost a thousand yuan, have disappeared. This year's cake packages are more environmentally-friendly... and aren't being packaged with red wine or tea. And prices are more reasonable too.

Shopper said, "This year is quite simple, not like last year -- packaged with things that people usually don't want, such as wine."

Shopper said, "We didn't buy expensive mooncakes, just those that cost around one to two-hundred yuan."