09-04-2008 11:36

The Coca-Cola Company said on Wednesday that it will buy Chinese juice maker China Huiyuan Juice Group for 2.3 billion US dollars.

The Coca-Cola Company said on Wednesday that it will buy Chinese juice maker China Huiyuan Juice Group for 2.3 billion US dollars.
The Coca-Cola Company said on Wednesday that it will buy 
Chinese juice maker China Huiyuan Juice Group for 2.3 billion
US dollars.

It's a deal that would expand its presence in China's fast growing beverage industry. The company will pay almost 18 billion Hong Kong dollars in cash, or 12.20 Hong Kong dollars for each Huiyuan share.

Coke said the offer needed to be approved by the Chinese government. But experts point out the prospects of approval are unclear, as the merger of two large companies will raise concerns about monopolies, and the brand of Huiyuan may protected as a famous domestic brand.


Editor:Xiong Qu