08-25-2008 13:58

Travel, it seems, can be about more than just having fun. Hospitals in Taiwan are working with hotels and carriers to develop what's being called "medical tourism". They're targeting wealthy travellers from the the mainland as well the Hong Kong and Macao SARs.

This photo shows the Taiwan hospital.
This photo shows the Taiwan hospital.

At the five-day Hong Kong Medical and Health Care Fair, Taiwan hospitals were offering health checkups at a lower price, as one way to promote medical tourism.

Guo shouren,Taiwan Christian Hospital,said,"Nowadays lots of celebrities including industrial and commercial tycoons are thinking more about their health during business trips."

Many hospitals in Taiwan are cooperating with airways and five-star hotels and promoting cancer-checkup packages. One package tour includes famous scenic spots such as Yangming Mountain. But new highlights include checkups costing just a third of what would be charged on average in private hospitals in Hong Kong. Insiders from Taiwan's medical industry say they believe that more mainland residents will come to the island for medical reasons.

Taiwan's health authorities are predicting that this so-called "medical tourism" will attract as many as 100 thousand visitors, arriving for medical treatment or cosmetic surgery. And that means creating up to 3,500 new jobs, and profits of around 7 billion new Taiwan dollars.


Editor:Zhao Shanchao