08-17-2008 10:15

China's top economic planner, along with several other ministries, has issued a joint notice, saying "no" to luxury packaging for moon-cakes.

China's top economic planner, along with several other ministries, has issued a joint notice, saying 
China's top economic planner, along with several other 
ministries, has issued a joint notice, saying "no" to 
luxury packaging for moon-cakes.

Over the past years, China has issued standards to limit wasteful packaging for the traditional Chinese delicacy. But some hotels and restaurants still use elaborate presentation as a way to add value.

The joint notice directs all local authorities, including quality control and pricing departments, to strengthen product checks for the up-coming Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September the 14th.

Special attention will be paid to luxury hotels and restaurants, and pricey mooncakes with excessive packaging will be banned from the market.


Editor:Du Xiaodan