06-30-2008 14:11

Plane tickets usually get more expensive for the summer season in China. But this year, prices have been dropping, with some falling as low as 300 yuan, or about 40 US dollars.

There's been a decrease in the number of air travellers. And ticket prices to some of the most popular tourist attractions have been cut dramatically.

For example, a one-way flight from Beijing to Kunming costs just 630 yuan, at 35 percent off. And the lowest fare for a flight from Guangzhou to Guilin is only 260 yuan, with a 40 percent discount.

These tickets used to be hard to get, selling quite well during the same period last year.

Wang Yili, Travel Agent, said, "The current situation is quite different from that of last year. Because of the Olympic Games, people prefer staying at home to watch TV to going out to travel."

In the meantime, the bad weather at many tourist destinations and the sluggish stock market have made some people reconsider their travel plans.


Editor:Yang Jie