06-26-2008 12:50

Special Report:   2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Beijing is set to ban half of its private cars from late July through to late September to ease the traffic during the upcoming Olympic Games. But many governmental bodies have already limited the usage of their vehicles.

Beijing is set to ban half of its private cars from late July through to late September to ease the traffic during the upcoming Olympic Games. 
Beijing is set to ban half of its private cars from late July 
through to late September to ease the traffic during the 
upcoming Olympic Games. 

The Beijing Bureau of Environmental Protection has stopped the usage of half of its vehicles to set a good example for the public.

According to Beijing's car ban plan, over 45 percent of the city's 3.3 million vehicles will only be allowed to run on the road every the other day. Also, as the political center of China and home to a great number of government bodies, Beijing decided that all government authorities will stop using 30 percent of their vehicles from July 1st. But actually most of them have stopped using 50 percent of their cars.

The capital's traffic authority official says Beijing is not the first Olympic host city to take such measures.

The car ban is estimated to transfer traffic pressure to the public transport. Beijing will put two thousand more buses on the roads, start operating three new subway lines and urge 60 thousand taxis to run more efficiently. The aim is to move over four million more people around the city every day during the mega-event.


Editor:Liu Fang