06-19-2008 14:24

Special Report:   Mainland tourists visit Taiwan

Taiwan aviation authorities have announced their allocations for the weekly, cross-strait charter flights. Chinese mainland authorities announced their allocations earlier this week. Eva Air, China Airlines and others are getting ready for flights from Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei Songshan Airport and Kaohsiung Airport to Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Taiwan's civil aviation department has come to an agreement with the island's six airlines. According to the agreement, there are 18 round-trip flights a week, which means the six airlines will operate three round-trip flights a week on average.

China Airlines, together with Mandarin Airlines, will fly seven round-trip flights a week. Four to Shanghai, two to Beijing and another one to Guangzhou.

Eva Air will partner with UNI Air to fly from Taoyuan, Taipei Songshan and Kaohsiung to Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.  

And TransAsia Airways will fly from Songshan Airport to Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen.

Local travel agencies predict tickets from Taipei to Xiamen and Guangzhou will be the cheapest, as low as 1,750 yuan. Considering there will likely be higher demand for tickets to the island, with more mainland tourists going to Taiwan, ticket prices from Shanghai and Beijing to Taipei are expected to cost at least 3-thousand yuan.


Editor:Yang Jie