04-23-2008 11:15

China's electricity regulator said on Tuesday that the country's electric power industry maintained its rapid growth in 2007. And that the overall development of the industry is going well.

China's electricity regulator said on Tuesday that the country's electric power industry maintained its rapid growth in 2007.
China's electricity regulator said on Tuesday that the country's
electric power industry maintained its rapid growth in 2007.

The State Electricity Regulatory Commission said China further developed its electric power generation capabilities in 2007. Overall generating capacity exceeded 3 trillion kilowatt-hours, up more than 14 percent year on year. The regulator said energy industry construction also maintained rapid growth, seeing infrastructure investments of nearly 550 billion yuan.

The watchdog said coal supplies have been declining since March, despite the rebound in supplies following the severe weather at the beginning of this year.

Wang Yeping, Vice Chairman of State Electricity Regulatory Commission said "By April 20th, China's coal supply had dropped by 12 percent from the beginning of March. And the coal supply can only last for 12 days, down from 15 days in March."

As for a policy linking coal and electricity prices, the regulator says two adjustments since December have played an important role in solving power plant management problems.

Wang Yeping said "During the two price adjustments, average onto-grid electricity prices were raised by 1.78 cents per kilowatt-hour and 1.17 cents per kilowatt-hour, respectively. Average retail electricity prices rose by 2.52 cents per kilowatt-hour and 2.49 cents per kilowatt-hour, respectively."

The electricity regulator added that the country maintained its growth in 2007, despite shutting down and halting 553 small thermal power units, with a total installed capacity of over 14 million kilowatts.

On the issue of power prices, the vice chairman of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission said a price hike should be considered thoughtfully. Wang Yeping admitted power prices are crucial to overall CPI and a price hike will have a domino effect, further pushing up the already sky-high CPI figure. He said the commission will consider affordability and overall price levels before making any decisions. China's CPI grew by 8.3 percent in March.


Editor:Xiong Qu