11-08-2007 11:32

China has just become Australia's biggest trading partner, according to trade figures released in September. This is a milestone in Sino-Australian bilateral trade, which comes amidst the backdrop of Australia's all-important federal election, which will begin in exactly 30 days.

John Howard, the incumbent prime minister, is competing with Kevin Rudd, the leader of the opposition labor party. And Rudd is the man, whom the opinion polls are tipping to be Australia's next prime minister.

Kevin Rudd, 18 years younger than the 68-year-old Howard, has a commanding lead in the polls. Mr. Rudd has been getting a lot of attention in China lately, because he has worked in China before and speaks perfect Chinese. And he has a Chinese son-in-law. In today's exclusive BizChina interview, we are privileged to have Kevin Rudd joining us from Sydney to talk about the election and what might happen to Sino-Australian trade and economic relations, should he become the next prime minister.

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Editor:Xiong Qu