10-12-2007 11:02

Beijing is currently hosting an international gathering to discuss Intelligent Transportation Systems. This is the first time such a congress is being held in a developing country.

The 14th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation System opened on Tuesday in Beijing. The theme of the four-day event is "ITS for a Better Life."

Government representatives, organizations, and industry experts from around the world are attending the exhibition. They have brought new ITS technologies with them, like a road-traffic monitoring and management system.

A newly-developed GPS system for cars is also being exhibited at the event. It updates drivers on road conditions every five minutes. Red indicates heavy traffic, yellow means some traffic, while green means no traffic. It can also show which is the fastest or shortest way to get to drivers' destinations.

One exhibitor said "The new system displays our location, black and white indicates our destination. It gives us two routes: one is the shortest; another way is longer, but has less traffic."

The event has attracted many interested residents. Car makers are showcasing different kinds of energy-saving autos that run on electricity and hydrogen energy. Local authorities say more than 50 electric cars will put into use in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games, for athletes, coaches and media.


Editor:Xiong Qu