10-02-2007 10:28

A technology exhibition aimed at increasing viewer awareness of environmental protection and achieving sustainable development is being staged in Shanghai. ThyssenKrupp Technology Days is a free event open to the public during the Golden Week Holiday.

Lighter yet safer, a car weighing less than a quarter of a conventional one.

Able to travel up to 300 kilometres an hour, the Transrapid uses around 25 percent less energy than modern high-speed trains.

Inspired by the surface of a lotus leaf, nanotechnology creates a copper surface that sheds water and dirt.

These are among the 50 exhibits displayed by ThyssenKrupp of Germany and the German Museum at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. Organizers say these innovations will provide solutions to major social, technical and ecological challenges.

While the world is facing environmental deterioration, the demand for resources, such as water, energy and food continues to grow. And for China, the largest developing country in terms of population, the challenges it confronts are more severe than those of other countries.

Many of the challenges facing Europe and China are similar and can best be mastered together, by learning with and from each other. The exhibition is part of an initiative launched by ThyssenKrupp to publicize the concept of sustainable development.

Increasing mobility, resource shortages and climate change are three major problems facing the development of world communities. The German exhibitors together with their Chinese counterparts are presenting innovative technologies and eco-friendly solutions to these problems.


Editor:Xiong Qu