08-03-2007 15:25

Special Report:   High Level Int'l FS Forum

Over 99 percent of China's exported food is safe. This is according to the latest statistics from China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

Japan is one of China's major food export destinations. Last May, Japan implemented new, stricter regulations on chemical residues in food. One year later, China's food exports to Japan have increased 3 percent, instead of decreasing. And 99.42 percent of the exports are up-to-grade.

Lin Wei, deputy director of Food Import-Export Bureau, Aqsiq said:"Over the past year, China's food exports have quickly adapted to the stricter requirements from other countries. That's because our country has established a control system that monitors the whole food production process from the very beginning."

Currently, more than ten thousand food producing and processing companies in China have been certified. The government supervises the ingredients used and oversees food processing. It also quarantines products before export.

The latest survey shows that from 2004 to 2007, 99.8 percent of China's exported food products to the EU met safety standards. The figure to the US is over 99.8 percent, higher than that from the US to China.

And on Thursday, officials from the Ministry of Commerce said the government has always paid great attention to export quality. As such, China has implemented a series of regulations to tighten quality control. It also emphasized recent reports that play up the substandard quality of China-made products are misleading.


Editor:Li Yang