06-26-2007 14:55

Weeks after a faulty virus update crippled thousands of PCs across the country, Symantec Corporation has come up with a overdue plan for compensation. Symantec describes its offer as "a gesture of good will". But, customers question the sincerity.

Symantec is offering Chinese consumers who were affected a 12 month Norton license extension and copy of Norton Save & Restore 2.0. Corporate customers will receive, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite licenses.

But judging from online forums in China, the response has been one of anger and disbelief. Thousands say they are frustrated because of the data they've lost and are harshly critical of what they feel is both a delayed and insincere response from Symantec.

Alamus, China E-commerce Assoc. said:"It's obvious that Symantec avoids mentioning compensation. It is trying to get away with such words as "offer" and "goodwill". As a company with an international name, Symantec's response to its Chinese consumers lacks seriousness and sincerity."

The dispute began on May 18th when Symantec released an update of Norton Anti-Virus. The same program in which the company has offered a free subscription in its goodwill plan. The update has identified two critical Windows files as viruses, and quarantined them, which left tens of thousands of PCs crashing and unable to restart.

Users who lost data demanded compensation, but Symantec was slow to react.

Lv Benfu, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said:"Symantec's offer is better than nothing. But it is not good enough. It's not a real compensation program. The data lost can't be made up for by any such offer or improvement in services."

The company claims the update impacted "a maximum of 50-thousand PCs", a figure much smaller than what citizens believe.

And users eligible for the offer have to act fast as it's only good for a couple of weeks. Users have to register at a special web site. And run a validation process between June 27 and July 15. The web site hasn't been released yet.


Editor:Li Yang