There are six mining areas in Myanmar under gem and jade exploration, namely Mogok, Mongshu, Lonkin/Phakant, Khamhti, Moenyin and Namyar.

Jade sale stands as one of Myanmar's major foreign exchange earning undertakings, ranking the fourth largest export earning sector in the fiscal year 2005-06 with 205.47 million dollars, according to statistics.

Meanwhile, of the top 10 exporters in Myanmar for 2006-07 which were dominated by the state sector, the Myanmar Gems Enterprise stood the third with a gem sale value of 296.9 million dollars after Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise and the Myanmar Timber Enterprise, figures show.

The government's Central Statisitcal Organization revealed that in the fiscal year of 2005-06, Myanmar produced 20,390 tons of jade and 28.458 million carats of gems which include ruby, sapphire, spinel and peridot, as well as 177,692 mommis of pearl. The production in the first half of 2006-07 (April-March) went to 10,388 tons form jade, 10.042 million carats for various gem and 56,607 mommis for pearl.

As the latest development, Myanmar is working to establish the first ever gem merchants' association as part of its bid to enhance the development of the country's gem mining industry.

Myanmar's mining sector, which also includes other minerals such as gold and copper, contributes 0.4 percent to the national economy.


Editor:Li Yang