04-09-2007 14:16

The Western Development Office of China's State Council says an investment of no less than 720 billion yuan or more than 90 billion US Dollars will be provided to develop western China, benefiting about 400 million people.

In China, 60 percent of the population who do not have enough food and clothing are in the west. And 60 percent of those on low-incomes live in the region.

During the 11th Five-Year Plan, per capita income in the west will increase by 6 percent annually. And people are enjoying better basic public services like people in the east.

The government will provide more free textbooks to students from poor families and strengthen vocational education for high-school graduates. It's also setting up a three-level rural health service network that will connect the county and the villages. The government also aims to give every village access to TV and radio broadcasting and improve transportation.

Wang Jinxiang, deputy director of Western Development Office said:"The Great Western Development strategy will not emphasize the speed of development and the per capita GDP. What's more important is to let people living in the west enjoy the same public services as people in other places in China."

The strategy has been in place for 7 years. And aims to form a united economic market in China, promote harmonious development in regional economics, improve national ecological and comparative conditions in the west by 2050.


Editor:Li Yang