10-02-2006 10:51

Chinese President Hu Jintao has visited Olympic construction workers, still on duty during the National Day Holiday. President Hu says the government is determined to make the 2008 Olympic Games a success. He said Chinese people of all ethnic groups share this desire.

Sunday---October first--is China's National Day. President Hu Jintao chose this day to inspect the construction sites of Olympic sports facilities in the north of Beijing. He was accompanied by State Councilor Chen Zhili and Beijing municipal government officials.

At the sports facilities exhibition center, President Hu expressed satisfaction that the various projects were proceeding smoothly, and he praised everyone's hard work. He called on them to increase their sense of responsibility, unite and coordinate to make sure everything was just right.

Hu said: "I hope you continue the spirit of trying to be first and working to perfection, to build the Olympic sports facilities as model projects. I hope you will make new contributions to ensure the 2008 Olympic Games are successful, special and of a high standard."

The national swimming pool is being built with donations from more than 50,000 overseas Chinese. Hu Jintao said their active and broad support had been a great help.

The president praised the hard work of thousands of technical personnel and workers. Hu Jintao also visited the construction site of the Olympic news and broadcasting center.

After his inspection, Hu Jintao stressed the need to make the Olympics environmentally friendly and people-oriented. He also stressed the importance of thrift and the elimination of corruption. He called on the Beijing municipal government to seize this opportunity to promote the comprehensive development of the city's economy and society, so as to better serve the people.


Editor:Ge Ting