04-12-2007 17:31

Tokyo's not just a major producer of fashion. It's also an eager consumer. Even those with not much to spend still manage somehow to feed their sartorial needs and whims. And for the truly fashion-conscious, the most exciting places to see and be seen today are no doubt Shibuya and Harajuku.

If you head up the hill beyond the One-Oh-Nine Shibuya Building, you'll end up in a maze of small alleys buzzing with trendy discos and chic stores.

Ever since the completion of the huge station connecting four subway lines and privately run railways, the Shibuya area has become one of the hottest neighborhoods in town. So hot that you won't be able to go there by car on weekend evenings. The traffic is simply impossible.

Going on foot, you'll encounter some of the wildest fashions imaginable. Don't be surprised if you should suddenly be surrounded by Japanese girls with blond hair, dark-brown makeup, white lipstick, and 6-inch platform boots.

Minamiya, editor of ELLE, said, "This is a popular shop here. It's got a lot of customers and always stays in the forefront of fashion."

Which, of course, is a MUST if you want to stay in business. As our expert explains:

Minamiya said, "Customers are sensitive to the most fashionable elements. This is a white shirt, and you can wear a short pants with it. Here are some accessories for the shirt, which make you look chic! "