04-12-2007 13:55

Japanese cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes and regional specialties. The most well-known are Udon noodles, Fugu, and Sushi.

Noodle restaurants can be found everywhere in Japan. Among various noodles types: Soba, Udon, and Ramen, Udon is the most popular.

Udon noodles are native Japanese noodle made from wheat flour. They are thicker than soba and can be served either hot or cold with various toppings.

Chef of Yimayi Restaurant said, "Today's noodles are called 'Fox Udon'. We boiled the noodles in our traditional soup, and then put shallots and bean curd in it. After 3 hours of cooking, the bean curd looks like fox skin."

If we say noodles are Japan's most popular food, then sashimi ranks as the nation's national dish.

And there is one which is the most dangerous and the most popular. That's Fugu.