03-05-2007 13:48

The national sport in Sri Lanka is volleyball, but the most popular sport in the country is cricket. Apart from having a large number of cricket clubs, schools and colleges organize regular cricket games. Wan Chunning went to Sri Lanka to experience the cricket frenzy.

Cricket is Sri Lanka's most popular game, with every child in the country knowing how to play. There are many cricket fields scattered across the island for people to enjoy a game of cricket. Sri Lanka is cricket crazy with children using streets and fields as make shift cricket pitches.

M. Irfad, a cricket fan, said, "I come here almost every day to play with my friends, I like cricket very much."

The most popular pastime after playing cricket, is watching the Sri Lankan national cricket team play.

It is a national obsession, and the country's national team has proved to be exceptionally talented. It's one of the best in the world. Eleven years ago, the Sri Lankan team beat Australia in the finals to win the Cricket World Cup.

Cricket professionals from Sri Lanka are getting world-wide recognition with the country's coaches training children overseas. Rumesh is one of them.

Rumesh Ratnayake from Asian Cricket Council, said, "I am the cricket development officer. We have cricket development projects in 7 countries, including China. China has a large population and great ability to develop a sports item. So I think if China decides to develop its cricket sport, it can do it very well."

The tag of being cricket world champions has given Sri Lanka a new identity. They have a team of cricketers who have brought honor and glory to their country.


Editor:Liu Fang