Wei Wei: A Chinese Singing Sensation 02-08-2005 10:52

鈥淲hen a person is beaten down as a child, he will be able to endure hardship as an adult.鈥

This famous Chinese saying describes the unyielding spirit of our guest today. As a child, Wei Wei experienced hardship and difficulties. But with a determined will, she overcame these challenges, and is now one of China鈥檚 most famous singers today.

Wei Wei, an independent and determined woman.

At the age of 14, she went alone to Beijing with the dream of becoming a singer.

She made her fame by the song Devotion of Love

She let the world know her by the song Our Asia

From career to family, she experiences success and failure

All of her is unordinary, just as her name 鈥淲ei鈥, which means 鈥淯nique鈥 in Chinese.

Wei Wei , a pop star close to the Chinese people and well-known by the songs Devotion of Love and Our Asia, conquered the hearts of thousands with her deep voice. However, behind this star are numerous setbacks and rumors. In the Up-Close studio, Fei Fei and Wei Wei talked about her legendary experiences of becoming a celebrity as well as how this determined woman overcame obstacles in both her career and marriage.

In the warm up, several of the audience members were prompted by Fei Fei to sing their favorite songs by Wei Wei. Then the host and guest began to talk about the uniqueness of her deep voice. Even Wei Wei said she was shocked to hear her own voice when it was recorded by the 鈥渂rick鈥 recorder for the first time, although because of her deep voice, a long time ago, her teacher cast her in a large performance, in which she played the role as a 鈥渂ig bad bear鈥 who stole the little bees鈥 honey.

Wei Wei then discussed her hard road to success. She worked as a professional singer for 10 years before she took part in various competitions. In 1987 representing China, she was sent to Poland to join a song festival and won two prizes as the sole singer from Asia. In 1989, she performed the song "Devotion of Love" on CCTV's Spring Festival show after the host of the show told the story of a warm-hearted lady with low income who helped a little girl undergo surgery. In 1996, she represented Asia at the Atlantic Olympic Games. When rehearsing the concluding song 鈥淚 believe in China鈥, she discovered she could have the opportunity to raise a Chinese flag on the stage. With limited time, she was able to publish her request to Beijing Youth, which got immediate responses.

Workers from a flag factory worked on weekends to send her a handmade flag for free. These unknown patriotic friends moved Wei Wei a lot. So, later, when she was asked to cancel her performance due to safety considerations (a bomb exploded on the stage where she was supposed to perform), she said 鈥渘o鈥.

Wei Wei then discussed her family. She is a proud mother of three sons as well as a successful career woman, although in her attempt to balance her life, she sometimes feels exhausted and one time was sent to the hospital. She also mentioned her hometown, her childhood as well as her interest in gardening, and how these factors influenced her to become a determined lady. Actually, it is all thanks to her determined will that she was able to learn ballet, and teach herself the piano and English. Finally, Wei Wei talked about her new song 鈥淎ll There Is 鈥, which vividly describes her own emotions after her divorce.

During the interview, audiences raised lots of questions such as 鈥 In 1990, you were said to have contracted AIDS, and lost the chance to sing Our Asia at the opening ceremony of the Asia Games .How did you face the difficulties?鈥 鈥淒o you think your ex-husband was a key to your success in America?鈥 鈥 Are you dating and will you marry again?鈥 鈥淲hen you feel too much pressure, what will you do?鈥 etc. And Wei Wei gave them all satisfying answers.

Could you come to the media center? That鈥檚 where we work at. We meet at the hall. We are off work by 6 pm. Then we can go to a nearby restaurant.


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