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•  The making of the five friendlies (II)
•  The making of the five friendlies (I)
•  There´s been a flurry of activity as people in the Chinese capital flock to buy products bearing The Beijing Olympic mascots´ images. From the reception they received, we can say the mascots design has been very successful. But what was the process involved in choosing them?
2005 Review
    Football China 2005

2005 will not go down as a vintage year for Chinese football. After failing to make the World Cup finals in Germany, the team can´t seem to interest people from home and abroad. Adding to that, the Chinese Super League is a total mess, so much so that the Football Association failed to find anyone to sponsor the league. The only slight consolations? China´s performance in the East Asian Football Championship and East Asian Games was something. But not enough!
    Beijing Olympics

It´s been four years since Beijing was chosen to host the 2008 Olympic Games, and as each day passes, the city gets closer to lighting the torch at the opening ceremonies. Before the Athens Games last year, there was a joke that Beijing was already better prepared than Greece. But as 2005 draws to a close, how have preparations been going?
Chinese Athens Olympic Gold Medallists
•  Chinese Athens Olympic medallists
    With the great and dramatic success in Athens, Chinese Olympic delegation return to China. CCTV-9 Sports Sence will take a close look approach to every Gold Medallist on every Sunday. To know the stories and full details on CCTV-9 and also with
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Flash Games
The Anchor
•  Helena Iveson
    British and is, of course, an avid fan of her national sport, football. Sadly, Sheffield Wednesday do not get much coverage in China. Hoping to change that, and armed with a Bachelor鈥檚 degree in English Literature and a Master鈥檚 degree in International Journalism.
•  Tracey Lee Holmes
    Tracey has been a radio and television commentator for over 20 years. She has hosted coverage and reported from six Olympic Games, Football´s World Cup, Tennis Grand Slams and more.
•  Tosi Tupua
    Tosi Tupua has worked as a radio and television journalist in the South Pacific island Samoa, for more than a decade. He has filed reports from Singapore, Thailand, China, New Zealand and Fiji. Tosi has produced radio documentaries with the British Broadcasting Corporation, (BBC)...
Chinese Sports Breakthroughs
•  China football 2004
•  Shining accomplishments at the Olympics in Athens
•  Countdown to Beijing 2008
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