Northern All-Star Team triumph 12-04-2004 11:02

The annual Chinese women's football all-star game kicked off in Zhejiang province on Friday, the northern team thrashing its southerners 5-nil.

The Northern All-Star team, playing in blue, got off to a perfect start. In no more than 10 minutes, Shi Mengyu and Zhang Tong each scored a goal for their team.

Both sides tried hard to reinforce their defense. However,in the 35th minute, the costly turnover from the Southern All-Star team's goalkeeper Ye Jingying was caught by Ren Liping, who passed the ball to her teammate Han Duan and the latter had an easy goal.

Minutes before half time, capitalizing on the opponents' loophole in defense, Ren made it 4-nil for the Northern All-Star team.

During the break, a brief retirement ceremony was held for China's first female international referee Zuo Xiudi. The 42-year-old referee was scheduled to officially retire after the game.

The Northern All-Star team was not finished just yet as they sealed a fantastic win with a goal right after the beginning of the second half. This time it was veteran Zhang Ouying who scored, helping the team with a 5-nil triumph.

Editor:Chen Zhuo

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