Breakthroughs review
•  Countdown to Beijing 2008
    In this section, our focus is on the Beijing Olympics. When the closing ceremony ended the Athens Olympics, world attention turned to Beijing. With the Olympics in 2008 coming in less than four years, plans are well underway.
•  China football 2004
    In this section, our focus is on soccer, or football, as it´s known in most parts of the world. For years, football has been the most watched, if not played, sport in the world´s most populated country. But 2004 has marked a perplexing and disappointing year in China´s football history.
•  Chinese sports year
    In this section, we broaden our view from Athens to recap some of the other memorable moments in Chinese sports, from the NBA China games to Formula One´s Shanghai stop, from the inaugural China Tennis Open to the ISU Figure Skating Grand Final in Beijing.
•  Shining accomplishments at the Olympics in Athens
    Over the next a few days, we´ll count down the days to the New Year in our year-end review series. Today, we begin with some highlights from China´s shining accomplishments at the Olympics in Athens.
Chinese Athens Olympic Gold Medallists
•  Chinese Athens Olympic medallists
    With the great and dramatic success in Athens, Chinese Olympic delegation return to China. CCTV-9 Sports Sence will take a close look approach to every Gold Medallist on every Sunday. To know the stories and full details on CCTV-9 and also with Click here for more information...
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