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•  The Bar Bonanza
    Today we鈥檙e going to be visiting some cities and towns around china.Looking into and checking out one of life鈥檚 more pleasant pleasures!Connected to the old emperors imperial gardens and great Bei Hai Lake.Shi Cha Hai, IN Beijing锛 represents a truly and very Chinese approach to bar design and development.
•  Oasis of hope
    To me, a Xinjiang assignment is different from a trip to anywhere else in China. Without a separate visa, and without needing to know any Central Asian languages, it boggles the mind to be able to travel in a place where flatbread trumps rice, the minarets of mosques dot the city skyline, and, rather than being some faraway legend, the desert is king, merely punctuated by snow-capped mountains, expansive grasslands, and lush forests.

Victoria Hamilton

Jonny Johnson

Eve Bower

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