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•  2005/12/21
Fifteen kilometres to the north of Shibing in the eastern part of Guizhou, rises Mount Yuntai. It´s a place of great scenic beauty, with steep cliffs, clear waters and rich vegetation. In short, it´s the sort of area of unspoilt natural beauty where city-dwellers dream of living, and to where those who have once left will dream of returning. On today´s edition of Around China we accompany a young ethnic Miao, on his return home after many years away from the mountain village in the Southwest where he grew up.
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    Around China is a magazine program jointly produced by CCTV-9 and local TV stations across China, introducing the people, culture and economic development of various regions and ethnic minority groups in this country.
    The program offers viewers glimpses of the beautiful scenery and rich cultural heritage of China, as well as the ever-changing lifestyle of her people at the turn of a new century.
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