A. Project Background
The new site construction project of China Central Television (CCTV) is a large-scale public cultural facility construction project approved by the State Development and Planning Commission. Pre-construction preparations started in 2000. Initial application for the project was made in March 2001. In May 2001, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television formally submitted the application for the project to the State Development and Planning Commission. In January 2002, the State Council gave its consent in principle to the application for the construction of a new CCTV compound. In February 2002, the State Development and Planning Commission formally approved the CCTV new site project.

B. The Proprietor
CCTV is the proprietor of the CCTV new site project. As a national TV network, CCTV started transmission on a trial basis on May 1, 1958. It switched to formal transmission in black and white on September 2 of the same year, thus becoming the earliest established TV station in China. By the end of 2003, CCTV runs a total of 14 channels of programs, while concurrently carrying out 6 channels of experimental PTV programs and 1 channel of experimental HDTV program. It transmits a total of 270 hours of programming daily, reaching a domestic audience of 1.1 billion people, or 90 % of the country’s population. Signals of the 14 channels cover the whole country via satellite. In addition, CCTV-4 (International Channel) and CCTV-9 (English Channel) basically cover the whole world also via satellite. In the 40-odd years since its establishment, CCTV, as the country’s largest TV station, has played a significant role in publicizing state policies and providing education, information, entertainment and social services.

The construction of a new CCTV compound is obviously an important milestone in the development of China's television industry and a new starting point in its advance toward further successes. The new CCTV compound should be a comprehensive TV production and transmission super media system, which is capable of embodying and representing the level of the development of China's television industry and the trend of its technical transformation; capable of satisfying and suiting the requirements of social development and cultural construction; capable of fully absorbing and utilizing the latest scientific and technological achievements; capable of keeping itself on a par with the advanced international levels and competing with major world TV broadcasters; capable of gathering all kinds of information from different sources; and capable of providing, by various delivery means, more varied, more characteristic, more competitive and more influential programs.

C. Overall Requirements in Design
The important tasks and functions of CCTV, as a national TV network, require that it must represent the leading image of China's television industry. The development of CCTV should also represent the main trend of the development of the country's TV industry. Therefore, the CCTV new site project should incorporate new concepts, new techniques and new methods so as to suit the new changes in social development and the new requirements of the audiences for television. The architectural design should meet the advanced international standards, fully reflecting the unique, cultural and advanced functions of television. The new CCTV compound should be ecologically friendly, user-friendly and systematic in functions. The functional facilities should be complete. Construction techniques should be the-state-of-the-art. Equipment used should be excellent. The structural layout should be rational. The architectural designs should be innovative and the environment beautiful. Efforts should be made to ensure the finished new CCTV compound would be a landmark architecture recognized both at home and abroad, which markedly reflects the spirit of the times and a high level of cultural taste.

D. Project General Information
1. Project Name: CCTV new site project

2. Location: 32 Dong San Huan Zhong Lu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (the current location of Beijing Automobile and Motorcycle Company, which lies east of Dong San Huan Lu Road, north of Guang Hua Lu Road and south of Chao Yang Lu Road, a location within the city's planned central business district)

3. Land Area
The Area of Proposed Land: 187,000 sq m

4. Construction Scale
Total Floor Area: 550,000 sq m

5. Construction Investment
Total construction cost: about RMB5 billion (about USD600 million)



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