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Chinese Astronautical Technology

China's national flag displayed in outer space

Chinese astronaut calls family from space

Yang Liwei on board of Shenzhou-V talking via live communication systems.

Shenzhou V Spacecraft Starts General Assembling

Astronauts Undertake Zero Gravity Training

Spaceflight Suits for Astronauts Completed

The Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center has turned the desert zone where it is built into an eco-friendly.

Chinese Astronaut Yang Liwei

The Control Center for Shenzhou mission

Latest News
After a tiring day in outer space, China's first astronaut, Yang Liwei, touched down safely this morning in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Three hours later, Yang Liwei landed at a military airport in Western Beijing by a special plane, where he got a rapturous welcome from his proud countrymen and women.

Astronaut Yang Liwei was greeted warmly at the airport by Chinese Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan, chief commander of the manned space flight program, Li Jinai, and other officials.


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Reponses and Comments

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Chinese overseas students celebrate safe landing of Shenzhou-V (2003-10-16 14:52)

Shenzhou V-China´s first manned spacecraft










The word "Shenzhou" in Chinese means "Magic Vessel". The successful launch of several Shenzhou spacecraft constituted part of China's ambitious manned mission project. Now let's take a look at the Shenzhou spacecraft's pilgrimage to Heaven.

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China's first spaceman Yang Liwei









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