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07:30 (premier), 13:30, 19:30, 01:30
Monday through Sunday


Program Archive

Quagmire & Exit of US Forces in Iraq (2004-04-29 15:59) 

Oil Supply & Energy Security in China (2004-04-28 15:56) 

Successful Life of White-collar Workers (2004-04-27 15:04) 

Sex Education for Children (2004-04-26 14:59) 

Comparative Analysis of Criminal Justice (2004-04-25 14:50) 

NGOs in China (2004-04-24 14:49) 

Energy Security: Chinese Perspective (2004-04-23 14:47) 

Environment and Sustainable Development  (2004-04-22 16:18) 

Rok Security Concerns in North Asia (2004-04-21 16:16) 

Sino-Afghanistan Ties (2004-04-20 16:15) 

Struggles & Glories of a Former World Champion (2004-04-19 16:14) 

Pakistani's Foreign Policy & Its Challenges  (2004-04-18 14:58) 

Revival of Confucianism (2004-04-17 14:58) 

Crisis Management: China & ASEAN  (2004-04-16 14:53) 

Hostage Crisis in Iraq (2004-04-15 18:03) 

F1 in China & A Driver on the Rise (2004-04-15 17:57) 

Multi-Lateralism & World Security (2004-04-15 14:52) 

Beijing-Canberra: Sister Cities  (2004-04-12 17:29) 

Taiwan Relations Act & US-China Ties (2004-04-10 17:26) 

World Energy Market & China's Energy Strategy (2004-04-05 15:46) 

Central Figure
We try to present serious topics in an interesting way. The advantage of our format is that we give our guests room for in-depth discussion to really explore the background of issues and to get the stories behind major events.We ask for dialogue not confrontation,a sentiment we would like to think, could be reflected in other areas of international life.


Dialogue is a major program on CCTV Overseas Service. The 30-minute Newsmagazine is broadcast through CCTV-9 channel, covering China and overseas market. An authoritative English TV talk show produced by CCTV, Dialogue attracts audiences from North America, Europe, and other English-speaking countries, foreigners working in or visiting China, as well as numerous English students of all ages in China.


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