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CCTV-9 Sun 05:30,11:30,17:30,23:30.(Beijing Time)

Hengyang Fire

A eight-storey building suddenly collapsed when local firemen were trying to put out a fire, leaving two dead on site and 19 buried in the ruins, of whom only one survived. How did the disaster occur and why was the event labeled the worst accident for firefighters since 1949?


Tourism recovery 

Peasant Farmers in China 

Hengyang Fire 

Returned students 

Beijing traffic 

Grain prices 

Education Reform 

Medical reform in the countryside 

Northeast expects to revive 

Anti-dumping Case 

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The program is made up of four parts -- Focus, Development, Insight and People. The first part focuses on current affairs; the second section features the latest developments in every aspect of the Chinese nation; Insight offers in-depth analysis of new social phenomena, cultural concepts and the latest fads; in the last part, we meet people from all walks of life who are making a difference in their particular fields of interest.


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