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  • 12 LIUZHENGRONG09-04-12
    I think the reasons of the financial crisis are very complex. One of the important reason was the US dollar's monopoly. As Mr Zhou said, it is necessary to restablish a global currency to overcome the crisis. And it is ugernt to enhance co-op between countries.
  • 11 yangly 09-04-12
    i think it's very difficult for the innovation . America the biggest developed country which benefits a lot will not agree the idea .
  • 10 walk to NewYork09-04-11
    I think the root of the economic crisis is the US dollar麓s monopoly ,to some degree.I believe this reform will work.But it is not easy to do this.we must esert ourselves to do it.May we succeed!Come on!
  • 9 afif elias09-04-11
    The Dollars monoploy is the cause of the world problems whether it is wars or economic
  • 8 tracy09-04-10
    As persenaly,i greatly to accept this point. because all over the world are respecting the us dollars as the most important currency tool in the international trade,the rely on the us dollars to make their ecnomic to be stable and less the risk,the result of that action is the imdiate impcat when the golobal financial crisis happen. i strong belive the governo of china ,s central bank zhou xiaochun come up with a meanfull and construcitive strategy to make a refom of changning the current global currency system.but i think that would be a dificult and full of challenges ,that is a great project need every contry work together to combat this tormoil.
  • 7 Everett A. Haldiman09-04-10
    No I do not think it was the dollar that caused the recession. It is an inanimate object and not able in and of itself to do that type of disaster. But, Those who coveted it and wanted it over humanity itself were the cause and that goes back to the American CEO's and board of directors of many of the American companies and those associated with them overseas. Any other type of currency will be subject to that as well, it is the person or persons who desire the money over life itself. Excessive Greed drives disasters. Thank you. My e-mail is
  • 6 Ralph Ding09-04-10
    If indeed the G-20 today approaches & addresses this current financial crisis in a unified manner & out of the spirit of cooperation & not division, they should finalized these issues as quickly as possible. what would even be more beneficial to our planet would be a ONE WORLD CURRENCY..... for all countries in the world. A ONE CENTRAL BANK UNITED.
  • 5 lucille09-04-09
    in my opinion that US dollars's monopoly was the major root of the financial crisis. i think everyone kowns clearly the reason. it's not easy to change recent global currency, there exists many problems, such as can people accept this ? which currency should be choosen. is it safe? while i think the reform is hard to practice, however i approve this propsal. only single currency used in such big world is very dangerous. i hope the new glabal currency shows up as soon as possible.
  • 4 jack09-04-09
    I think the US dorllar's monopoly was the root of the financial crisis.
  • 3 Ivo Cerckel09-04-09
    It is certainly not easy to stop the dollar regime committing its crimes. The regime, all whose US of A subjects already face chapter 11, is not about to surrender. The regime will continue to try to impose its will upon the planet until 閳?? Yes, until what? In the meantime, even the Financial Times carries this Thursday morning an 閳ユ窔nsight閳?? under the title 閳ユ窌old standard debate roars on閳??. Ideas result in actions. Actions result in changes. Teach, teach and teach At the end of the day, the dollar regime will be forced to surrender.
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