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  • 22 ann09-04-15
    yes, I think the US dollar麓s monopoly was part of the root of the financial crisis; th other part was sheer massive greed & contempt for the well being of the potential victims on one hand, and , for the health of the nation's economy. This autistic lack of empathy for others is unfortunately a pervasive characteristic of the current pot smoking generation of Americans. Ann
  • 21 xumanman09-04-14
    indubitably, the global need change, just as what Obama always says, change is essental, and i think the globa currency system should be included. now, as the result of the global financial crisis, china has suffer huge loss, which should have been taken on by the usa. we can the the obvious unfairness in the world, so we must change it. of course, specifically, the change need the communication and coopreration between the usa and china. no one can igonore the effect of the hurricane from the Wall Street.
  • 20 CHEN09-04-14
    it' s just a method to protecting our dominance of globe econonmy status.But nice try.
  • 19 H.K.Mansoor09-04-14
    The sentimental/speculated economic system in the world and its virtual/simulated growth are the root causes of the global financial crisis. So the economic crisis in the USA engulfed the whole world. I appreciate the idea of the governor of China鈥檚 central bank, Mr.Zhou Xiaochuan to introduce a new global currency to redefine the global financial system but this is not the ultimate solution to prevent global crisis again. The world needs to get rid of the sentimental economic system and its virtual growth. Secondly the world needs to get rid of exchange rates regime and to adopt a single currency in the world markets. With out a single currency it is impossible to eradicate poverty or to achieve free trade in the world and to get rid of economic protectionism or to bring prosperity and progress in the world. Without taking such firm measures it is impossible to prevent economic crisis again. Welcome for dialogue & discussion. Email:
  • 18 chen xiaoxia09-04-13
    maybe it is not easy,but i think we our country should make efforts to reach the aim that zhou xiaochuan's is a chance for us to develop.
  • 17 gary09-04-13
    I think a new global currency would be practical, but not in the short term. I think the dollar's monopoly was a factor in the crisis, but not the only cause.
  • 16 Solara09-04-13
    Fully disagreed with Mr Zhou Xiaochuan, China is just a developing China not fully developed country, we have to suffer the weakness of the global financial criss, and build a global structure of RMB, give the promise to Chinese people is the way, we can affact the global encomy, that's where we need to look at!!!
  • 15 Michel Corrand09-04-12
    Fully agree with Mr Zhou Xiaochuan. With the current order, the whole word has to pay for the US mistakes. Not easy to reform but I hope and I'm confident China can become the leading power to promote a new order more fair and reasonnable. Not enough space to write my email adress:
  • 14 farmer09-04-12
    "But the pity is that the poor have got zero attention so far, while many countries are busy bailing out banks and businesses," Sachs said. I strongly support the point of the view abover!!!
  • 13 H.NG09-04-12
    The US has it too good and for too long and is fighting to continue doing so. Let the wise leaders shuffle the cards again and see what will come out . The poverty of some countries is a SHAME for everyone of us.
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