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  • 32 lee chao 10-05-29
    i think the US dollar麓s monopoly was the root of the financial crisis, but now it is changging. it maybe not easy but we better to make it.
  • 31 rainbow09-11-09
    Leave dolar $ as long as $ used as global currency. usa always create war and intervention world
  • 30 Ken09-10-10
    The whole issue of individual countries and thier currencies is part of the problem. What we need now is a global governmment, global currency and all parties participating in making this SMALL EARTH a better place to live! The United Nations is a JOKE! Time to reform things don't you think? The NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY is too integrated now to stop the movement towards more equalization among Nations. When will China, Russia, Venezuella, North Korea, and the USA just to name a few, start co-operating with the rest of the world towards harmonization and co-ordination of resources for the betterment of mankind?
  • 29 LILY09-06-30
    yeah ,i do thenk the financial crisis is due to the US dollars 's monopoly .so the recovery of the economic recession will also start from the seems that the whole world's economic rebound will totally depend on the US economice status .Thus ,the chang of theinternatial universal currency is vital and essential to reverse the present severe situation .however ,changeing the currency is not a easy task .It need the common sense of different contries all over the world whether yuan can be taken as the universal currency .it mabe needs a long period ,and has a long way to go .But i dio think the measure can eliminate the inherent deficiencies
  • 28 Dodie09-06-28
    The best world reserve currency would be gold or silver! No country's currency should be the international currency. The major down turn in world economy is large unregulated corporate control which exists in all countries, not only the USA. Hopefully China will learn from the mistakes by the USA by keeping the large corporations鈥? financial power regulated!
  • 27 dr09-06-19
    Yes i agree
  • 26 Tom09-06-09
    Yes.I agree with this.the US dollar麓s monopoly was the root of the financial crisis. We should reform this.But it is not easy,it needs time and global cooperation.
  • 25 lamb09-05-23
    yes,the deterioration of america economy result in this economic downturn .I think china should undertake more duty to stabilize global situation
  • 24 Jenn09-05-06
    Want a REAL reserve currency? Try gold.
  • 23 sa09-04-24
    the us dollar's monopoly wasn't the root of the financial crisis.indeed,the world need a single currency that wipe out the uncertain of economic factor.from the crisis we can see us lost the position of international currentcy.setting up a global currency is a way to save gobal finnance.
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