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  • 32 Dodie09-06-28
    The G 20 is definitely a good first step in dealing with global economy, global warming and global issues. All countries must learn to work with and respect each other. There must be a balance of power between corporate, government and people. Huge corporations, that were not regulated, are one of the reasons for the drop in global economy and increase in pollution. We, as a world people, must strive for balance!
  • 31 YY 09-06-02
    We will try our best .
  • 30 kendy09-05-04
    In this suiation, of course,china play a key role in trying to salvage the global economy.
  • 29 Mimi09-04-07
    Since China is facing an enormous cricis like the other coutries in the world, we people in China have the responsibility to salvage the global economy.We should do our best even though when we can only play a tiny part .Together makes stronger.Once the people all over the wrold stand togegether ,they are capable of solve very difficult problems and there is a wonder.
  • 28 jie 09-04-06
    nothing , try our best, do what it can do
  • 27 lucy09-04-06
    I think the most pressing issues faciing the world's economy is country's confidence and responsibility. as if most of governments can be responsible for their jobs and continue to improve them, the world 's economy will go up.
  • 26 Aaron09-04-05
    I don't think that China now has had enough capabilities both in economics and in global power to salvage the global economy. Despite of the increasing engagement in the international affairs, China also pay the price for involving in an unfair international circumstance, and this situation would not be changed in the near future. Concentrating on the internal affairs now would be the best way to face the crisis.
  • 25 yq09-04-05
    more and more uncertain in world economy,no specialist can give a corect answer to present situation.what we shall do is to do as best as we can.
  • 24 lizhi09-04-05
    I think the G20 can find the best way to resolve the globle economy. From present see, China play a important role in the worldwide economy. China is one of the most lay in foreign currency of country.So only China can salvage the global economy. that's my opinion. Thank you.
  • 23 shelly09-04-05
    I think the best way to sovle the present economy crisis is to strenthen the cooperation between the super nations and thus reconstruct the fanancial rule for the world. In the long run,the financial reform is invertible and neccesary.
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