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  • 24 openlwj09-04-09
    It is very good ,I believe my country can do it, it is we all need them.
  • 23 william_music09-04-09
    As far as I am concerned, there is an urgent need to post such a reform, which we hope can really help improve the existing problems in the current medical systems. But we have to notice that it needs much time and energy to cure the most deadly affected areas, especially problems in rural villages.
  • 22 paul09-04-08
    the government is always doing its new policy literally instead of in practice! anyhow ,this is a good news for us who support our faimly on average of 5000yuan every month. i am here sincerely to hope for the new heathcare reform accessable to the public of china!
  • 21 liudan09-04-08
    The health care reform is an important action by the government of our country ,it's good for all most every Chinese,especially for farmers who have very low income while the medical expenses are so high in our society.
  • 20 wangzhen09-04-08
    I am pleased to hear the good news,we need higher standard health-care level,especially for the poor in the countryside with low income.
  • 19 Duane09-04-08
    in my opinion ,healthcare form is quite benefit for the poor areas and the countryside ,but i think ,the goverment should take the powerful action and make sure the system can take well .in this way ,and china government will be a wonderful government !
  • 18 young 09-04-08
    we can enjoy a more free and equailty hearth care
  • 17 Lawrence09-04-07
    I don't know if this reform can come into practice. The medical price is quite high. If it is so , I will be very happy.
  • 16 lucille09-04-07
    it's a great idea for ordianary people in china. china is a big country with the largest population and wide territories. undoutly, there exists many poor areas. therefore, this reform plays an important role in improving poverties' life. with the medical cost is becoming more and more expensive, many ordinary quiting medichine when thery are sick.this phenomona is very terrible. because people is the essential part of a country.
  • 15 bushbill09-04-07
    I do SUPPORT THIS reform,and I believe that It will benefits the average people.however ,I also relalize the difficulties inachieving the goal practically not we hope sincerely,the government can make it really accessible to our common people! thankyou!
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