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  • 8 JOE09-04-15
    I agree the opinion come from Li Jiaxiang, CPPCC memeber. SOE make more profit, SOE executives get higher salary according to some percentage or standard. Can they show their working report to the public just like goverment report?
  • 7 hershey09-04-07
    it depends......
  • 6 bai09-03-18
    Who and what to do are necessay! in China it is difficult
  • 5 zhuling09-03-17
    a good policy,but it's rather hard to implement .cause this issue is connected with SOE executives .I don't believe in them.
  • 4 bai hai09-03-17
    I think it is a big problom that it is easy to say and it is hard to be is better to do than nothing to do.
  • 3 bruce09-03-16
    It's most important to implement the new policy setting the ceiling for SOE executives,as more and more people living china are losing job,earnning less and less salary.we should do equle to all people!!!
  • 2 Peanut09-03-16
    full agreement
  • 1 Nikey09-03-13
    It is hard to solve .
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