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  • 13 JOE09-04-18
    If my memory is right, there is a ICAC in HONGKONG. From a advertisement made by a goverment department, we know before ICAC was established, the corruption was very serious in HK, after set up the ICAC, the society become fair much. Do you remember the advertisement describing the little boy who sell apples beside the street.
  • 12 chen wong09-03-28
    Corruption is everywhere, no matter how you do and what you do as long as we are human. Human nature does have greed and greed drives us into corruption. However not all are born to be like that. If we can curb corruption to the minimum whichever way we do, it is a success. Do something is better than nothing at all. Good luck, China.
  • 11 Sheila09-03-28
    I agree, it's a better way to fight against corruption, but this problem is very popular, and it is getting worse now, also hard to clear it can see it everywhere, so many people take the bribe, even a leader in charge of a small team, now most people get tired of bribing, but they still do the same thing everyday.... if someone doen't take a bribe, they would feel upset. let me give you a example, many parents give money to teachers, it's not cash, just put money to a bank account, most of teachers take a bribe without any nagative feeling, also they think it's natural... don't feel embarrassed, and in the opposite, if the teacher don't take it, those parents would feel upset, worry too much, but they really hate to do that in heart. See!how strange is it? but it's ture, this is a products of this advaced society.
  • 10 pengke09-03-26
    Corruption is a social public hazards,and a important factor of hindering social-economic development.Corrupt officer Shall be punished severely and strictly.To speed up political system reform and to set up a real service-oriented government.
  • 9 celina09-03-26
    I really think this is a better way in China.on internet ,you can expose corruptions involed with higher officials with old days,you have to write a letter or something,but as a result ,no one would deal with it in fear of his old saying goes that ,officials protect can conclude that how difficult punishing those who committed a corruption is!I think the government could establish a special website to make citizens expose offical corruption scandles,and encourage people to supervise the government with a rising political recoganizition of taxpayers . in addition,more publicizition is needed to induct citizens do rationally and responsibly.
  • 8 simona09-03-26
    I think that you have to regulate this problem not using internet but fighting the problem at the source, internet is a great chance for people in china if you want to best your country you have to give more opportunities to express yourself.
  • 7 mary09-03-16
    it is true that corruption is quite common in our small counties. Whenever you wish to apply for a position, you need to send something, especially money nowaday, to your direct boss, otherwise, you will be crossed out form the application name list. it greatly violates the social justice and be a big blow to those who are with high aptitude for the job vacancy.
  • 6 bill09-03-16
    It's difficult and long-term job!
  • 5 jim09-03-15
    It is really not a easy job,but I have a lot of confidence of Chinese goverment.
  • 4 teddybear09-03-15
    add my comment? still i need to be cautious . curruption is prevailing in china,especially in grassroot,one reason is china is a big country.but lack of transparency is the major factor lead to know why people are so desperate to be a civil servant...yeah,well pay,stable,.but ,being a "servant" means you have power,,and then you can take bribe
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