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  • 110 Diego10-07-20
    Nice! Very Nice!
  • 109 Gill10-02-08
    That was a very interesting and worthwhile questionnaire. Thank you.
  • 108 ttt10-02-02
    tibet is a very beautiful place to visit and beside the people over there are very good in nature. i love tibet
  • 107 Doug09-10-04
    One thing I have always wondered is this: If it was OK for the US to wage a (very bloody) military campaign against its own breakaway states, in order to reunite the USA (The American Civil War) then why was it (for some strange reason) not OK for the People's Republic of China to send in their military to enforce Chinese authority over the breakaway region of Tibet? I abhor double standards.
  • 106 daniel09-10-03
    i wish i have chances to visit in tibet in the future.
  • 105 Mg Thein Soe09-09-23
    Hello, CCTV team, I was very glad to answer the quiz on Tibet, fifty years of democratic reform in Tibet from CCTV9 Station.That's why, I've got some knowledges about the beautiful Tibet from this quiz.
  • 104 julia09-06-26
    i like these quiz ,i enjoy them very much!
  • 103 Gillian 09-06-16
    I heard many reports about Tibet from television.but never had been to there in person. i hope that in the near future I can have an opportunity to visit the splendid ,mysterious place ,especially its capital----the Potala Palace.that appeals to me a lot ,so ,come on.Gillian ,you can realize your dream!
  • 102 Dodie Ryan09-06-16
    Thank you for offering this quiz. This allowed me to further understand the symbiotic relationship that exists between Tibet and China.
  • 101 bruceje09-06-03
    it is so cool
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