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  • 3 Sherry09-03-13
    I don't think it's an effective way to solve the economic problems by stimulate consumption. Under the unstable stitulation, the common people dare not to invest, they'd rather put their money in bank even if the interest rate is very very low. The reports said, the saving amount is much high last year. That is the reaon. In my opinion, provding more invest opportunity is much more effective....For me, no influence. I'm a salary monthly using up girl. No savings. Should I say that I'm lucky?Satiric!
  • 2 鏈卞己鍜?09-03-13
    Not a little.Because I am a student. I don't think the interest-cut policies will be effective in fighting the financial crisis.I have two reasons.Firstly, there have being many banks in the world,but the economy crisis has not been reduced.Secondly,I think the only solution to the crisis is that the government do its best to guide the development of the economy.
  • 1 krishna09-03-10
    of course it will be, i think it will be effective in fighting the financial crisis! in general, the goverment who face the financial crisis would lower the interest rate when they get the economic down, as soon as they implement it, the economic up to normal, in some case, it was not always validiate.but still adopt by lots of contries such as us, uk and other europe contries. so i think we can turn economic to normal according to cut interest rate when cause the economic crisis, but there is a very important point that we must considerate it carefully
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