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  • 21 JOE09-04-18
    That goverment distributes 200 to 300 coupon per month to low-income people or unemployment until the financial crisis is over is considerable. Not only stimulate consumption but also help them. One stone two birds.
  • 20 yang09-04-12
    Ethier side is OK,anyway i hope the financial crisis can be overcome as earll ly as possible.
  • 19 xzam09-03-14
    personlly,i agree with negative side,"but will not have the lasting effect on stimulating consumption".it's the point!can goverment keep distributing the spending coupons?what if the crisis lasts much longer than they(goverment) had expected?how much revenue do they have? what i mentioned above is extremely realistic problem.distributing spending coupons is using a temporary way to solve a how-long-unknown problem.
  • 18 an09-03-12
    I am a student but I had never get these things
  • 17 Gabriella09-03-10
    i stand in the positive side. coupons can stimulate the consumption. anyway i hope the government make more polocies to overcome the financial crisis.
  • 16 wang09-03-10
    Surpose someone give you two hundred yuan and let you to deal with it, what should you do ? Spend it , it is so easy. So to some degree this policy will take some effect , it is my personal opinion.
  • 15 vera09-03-09
    i stand in the negative side. providing coupons can not bring long term boost to the domastic market, it just bring and stimulate the consumption in a short time. i think the main issue is to find ways to solve the current economic ression. it is not only our chinese have to do, it is a international behavoir. only to make the groble economy boost, our problem can be solved accordingly.
  • 14 tiger09-03-09
    I think that's a good smart idea,as the world economic crisis is still continuing ,how should we do to maintain our market and keep a stable society?The fastest and the most effective measure is to offer the coupons to all our people.The measure can help many low-salary people to spend the hard time,and also stimulates the domestic maket.Then the our bussiness circle will be going well.
  • 13 common labor09-03-08
    the financial crisi was caused by the unfair distribution measures of social resource , on the interest link , the common labors is very much ,but they possess only a few social resource , their low income result they have not spending ability . interim action : i accept the measure of distribution spending coupon . permanent acction :government should make fair distribution policy of social resource , ensure more people share the opening and reforming achievement ;on the other hand government raises people's social welfare ;
  • 12 zhuling09-03-08
    coupon is a temporary method proposed by government to expand domestic comsuption ,not having lasti ng effect .the government should put forward effective ways to boost ecomoic growth steadily
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