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  • 13 susu09-03-18
    Food safety questions are relative to exists among our living. it need everyone take great efforts to solve this problems. and contemporanrily we hope that our intelligence and administration departments supervise every manufactures.let all manufactures should memory chinese laws and regulations .if they would go against laws and regulations, they will be punished heavily .so we believe food safety will go better and better.everyone may release oneself,donn't to worry about our life questions
  • 12 pnc09-03-16
    certain department must take the responsibility, the criminal should be punished severely and sentenced to death.
  • 11 andrew09-03-16
    The wholesale destruction of habit for farm land. Habitat that is needed for the biosphere to regulate itself. another way of intensive farming must be found.
  • 10 una09-03-12
    it will be too late to deal with a problem when the result comes,take effective masures to prevent any harmful affects at the very beginning is always the wise choice!however,it is not only the government who should take the resposibility to protect us,we,too,should change our mind,we shouldn't always believe the products of "brand names"or food gaints,we must keep reason when we watch the TV ads.we should always be concern about the quality of the food instead of trying to save the money!if the public all give the first priority to the quality of the food,i bet the producers who don't have a civic mind will soon get out of the stage!
  • 9 xiao hua09-03-10
    gov should pay more attention on this problem which concern about hundreds and thousands of lives
  • 8 jessie09-03-09
    food safety is a key issue in china,which have already killed many people particularly the milk powder scandal tainted by melamine.chinese government should pay mush attention on promoting food satety ,implement effective methods and take good practice abroad.I believe in china government ,they will do their best .for individuals,we should not only protect ourselves also take care of people around us
  • 7 sunhong09-03-06
    We must attach vital importance to food safety. Our country has a huge number of population, and many of the people live in poverty. Expenditure on food takes a large proportion of our income. Food safety is the foundation of livelihood, we can't pay too much attention to it.
  • 6 krishna09-03-06
    I agree~~
  • 5 yicha09-03-06
    Food safety is not only affect people's daily life,but also deal with our nation's reputation.So I think it is the very thing should be solved at the very time.
  • 4 Yu Jin09-03-06
    China is a country with large number of population, so the safety of food is very important .Our government should be strict on the management and supervisal of food.In addition, the process of food produce should be paid great attention. Sanlu is only an example of chiese food industry which has problems.There are many enterprises which lack of safty supervisal. I think government should set up some approaches for people to give their suggestion in time throughout the year.
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