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  • 18 Amelia09-03-06
    I and my classmates always see hukou important when we are looking for a job,because it defines how well we will get the protection from the city we are in, and if we are accepted by the city, so that is important! I am really glad that this point comes out in the sessions ! But as a graduate student ,I have no experience in society, maybe I do not know how it should be changed to make things better, so , here, I just want to show my passion to focus on this point, no valuable advice can I submit ,may someone of the session deputy can deal with it!
  • 17 pangpang09-03-05
    I think for a developing country With so many people, "Hukou"system is necessary, and the system is staged, along with the social economy development, "Hukou" will be cancelled gradually
  • 16 clay09-03-03
    As for me,the so-called hukou is a kind of descrimination to people from different social status.Actually,it is a ironic thing to remain the hukou policy,for on one hand the goverment allows farmers to contribute what they can to promote urban development,while on the other hand farmers are not permited to get their hukou in cities,which is pathetic,i think.
  • 15 yuyanhu09-03-03
    i think in terms of permanent residency policy, the most urgeren thing the government should do is to call off the differnces of "hukou" between cities and countrisides.
  • 14 yuyanhu09-03-02
    i think in terms of permanent residency policy, the most urgeren thing the government should do is to call off the differnces of "hukou" between cities and countrisides.
  • 13 penglei09-03-02
    Even though I haven't been troubled by the problem of "hukou",but I think that talent and ability are more important than the other factors that are not very relevant,on the contrary,we should provide more opportunities to the ones who have excellent talent and ability but haven't got the right "hukou",but not the ones that not having the talent and ability although they have the right "hukou ",because in my point ,it is the former ones that make profits and contributions to a firm ,the society,and even to the country...
  • 12 leyan09-03-02
    I am a graduate majored in urban railway operation management, all my classmates from Sahanghai were employed into Shanghai Metro, but i ,with my other two classmates, from other provinces, were refused due to hukou issue.
  • 11 Wiggy09-03-02
    Hukou, a unique legacy of planned economy, has drawn a lot of criticism because the inequality it has aroused. But I don't think Hukou can be cancelled comepletey simply because of that. Big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai are overcrowded now, so we must take environment and resources into consideration! The human resources distribution of China are unbalanced, with much more professional talents in estern China, esp. in cities. This has largely in turn contributed to the unbalanced development between west and east, between the urban areas, and the rural. So Hukou must retain in Beijing, and Shanghai. In other cities in provinces, Hukou can be reformed.
  • 10 cancer09-03-02
    it will be a good information for calibers from other provinces ,who really want to live and work in shanghai.shanghai should loosen the limit of hukou policy,that will attract more and more people with special professional talent to make contributions for metropolis such as shanghai.
  • 9 Alyce09-03-01
    I think the 'solid' residence rigistration should be concelled. Because of the rapid developing economy, the 'liquid' population become the main stream in our society. If we still insist the old idea, it must become the obstruction of the developing economy.
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