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  • 82 Neil Gray09-03-11
    I believe it is an excelent way to attract attention to the illegal trading in historical and cultural relics. Morally these items belong to the countries of origin from whence they were stolen. They certainly don't belong to the highest bidder at an auction. International law should enforce the return of any such items from Museums and private collections . Unfortunately , it will probably drive the trading in such artifacts underground. If it stops the wholesale theft of such items from tombs yet undiscovered , then it is a great step in the right direction.
  • 81 sack09-03-04
    If the money is not paied for the two relics,other four will never appear.
  • 80 Suggestion09-03-02
    just appeal at the le Conseil d麓Etat, and close the issue! They would review the trial and return the relics, there would be somebody that pays the fine and that's all! If China wants an apology from the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris, ask Yang JieChi to write a request to the French authority! What is problem? Yang JieChi could write French, everybody knows. The auction house Christie's pays a fine, the auction buyer pays a fine, somebody goes to jail or extradite to China if it's a Chinese national that owns the antique store and sold the relics to Pierre Berge from the beginning. Ask the APACE to work it out, and Yang JieChi to write a letter, that's all!
  • 79 cheng09-03-02
    Make ourself stronger,only that we can earned more prestige and respect. I think deal these things, mentioned is enough. Lost those relics due to our putridness at that time,this just a ashamed sign to every chinese. We must remembered is the most important thing to us ,remind us how to powered ourself today. THANKS
  • 78 H.K.Mansoor09-03-01
    The great nations must be generous enough to handle such problems with great generosity and they must not buy or invite new problems or issues for themselves. They must avoid such small issues which could later on develop into huge issues and problems. Those relics are anywhere, placed anywhere and bought by anyone still belongs to China and it would earn honor and prestige for Chinese nation. So the Chinese nation must not worry for it more. In the future those relics would come back to its own motherland by itself and the Chinese nation would witness it鈥?.....
  • 77 Gretle09-03-01
    I think ,as a chinese ,everyone would certaintly feel angry.Those relics belong to us ,of course should be returned to us without any condition.Those who want to use our belongings to insult us ,threaten us ,interfer our own affairs ,talk about human rights will fail definetly.
  • 76 bingxue09-02-28
    I am a middle school student from Harbin.From my point of view,as a person everyone should have conscience. We should treat the friendship between nations seriously.It must be considered as the most important factor. As a word,I do hope that those who have lost your inner conscience will soon find your great conscience and give Chinese Relics back to China. Here I say great thanks to you representing Chinese.Thank you for your contribution to the precious culture relics protection.
  • 75 Suggestion09-02-28
    File a case to le Conseil d'脡tat at a mistrial of the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris. The Parisan judge that presided the ruling acted illegally on the judicial decision to allow the relics to be auctioned altogether. The APACE has to depend on their own official accounts of the relics from the China central authority in Beijing that states the disappearance from Yuanmingyuan in the late 19th century, and most recently sold with documents to Pierre Berge. It is illegal to smuggle and sell the national proprietary relics of China, it is theft. (Copied from APACE Bureau in Beijing)
  • 74 Suggestion09-02-27
    If the China government files a case in court it would naturally set a milestone on recovering Chinese national relics from illegal smuggles, otherwise most lost relics would be retrieved at a private agreement between the individual and the official authorization of the Chinese authority. And it continues to be illegal to steal and smuggle the national proprietary relics of China, only the proceedings of retrievement that is different on the different conditions of the legal agenda at a foreign federal court outside China, at each lawsuit made. (Copied from APACE Bureau in Beijing)
  • 73 Samuel Chen09-02-27
    Get Gong An to work with Interpol in tracking down the thieves and bring them to justice together with the stolen goods! If Christie can auction these stolen relics publicly, then so can everyone take on the lucrative trade of stealing and selling the stolen goods in the open market. Where is the moral sense and law?
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