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  • 4 MICHAEL USA08-04-18
    I found out this program and watch with great interest. Thank you for bring these wonderful series of Lancang-Mekong River. I really enjoy watching it.
  • 3 UK08-04-15
    Dear Sirs/Medammes, congratulations for making such a formidable programme for television viewing. Thank you very much. With best regards, Milko.
  • 2 United States08-04-09
    I am an avid viewer of your programs, they are simply fascinating!! Please tell me where can I buy the DVDs of "Nourished by the Same River" ? or can you give me information how to get any of your videos? here in the US. or via internet. The quality, scope, themes are ever far reaching thank you for making understanding though History in the world a better place. Best Regards Francisco Antonorsi San Diego California
  • 1 USA08-04-08
    Enjoy the series very much. Learn a lot. Well done. Would I be able to purchase the whole series or each epsode?
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